Volunteer Positions

Available volunteer positions include but are not limited to:

Introductory Volunteer Opportunities

  • Petsmart Adoption Center Volunteer
  • Adoption Event Volunteer
  • Laundry Volunteer
  • Cat Photographer

Intermediate Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraising Team Member
  • E-mail Response Team Member
  • Hotline Response Team Member
  • Foster Care Transport
  • Social Media Specialist

Advanced Volunteer Opportunities

  • Adoption Event Coordinator
  • Adoption Application Processor
  • Volunteer Trainer
  • Fundraiser Coordinator
  • Public Event Coordinator
  • Intake Team Member
  • Foster Care Assistant

For more information on these positions, please email info@furreverfriends.org.

**Please note: Many jobs and duties pop up unexpectedly. This means that the best volunteers are the ones who are willing to help with anything and everything.