Adopt a Cat

We're here to complete your family with four paws. We want to pair you up with a rescue that is just for you and ensure that we find him/her a furrever home, because that's what he/she deserves.

Before You Adopt a Pet

Before you adopt a pet, check out some of the helpful information and resources we have provided below.

Adoption Fees & Process

Our goal is to place all of our cats in the best possible home with adopters who are aware of the full responsibility or becoming a pet parent and ensure their new family will keep them forever.

Adoption Application

Complete an online adoption application for one or more of our adoptable cats. An approved application is valid for 6 months after approval for any adoptable and available cat in our care.

Adoption Promotions

Check out the latest promotions for adopting a pet. We're always having events every month!

Adoption Promotion

Long-Term Residents Adoption Promotion

Cats that have been with us for an extra long time have lower adoption fees than newer animals. This is done to help animals get out of the adoption center or foster care and into their furrever home.

Adoption Fee for long-term resident cats: $25

Cats with these special fees will be labeled at the adoption center. Volunteers will also point out animals with longer lengths of stay, when asked.